What is Cloudbike?

Cloudbike is a smart bike sharing platform founded by two local Antwerp entrepreneurs. Our goal is to improve mobility in our amazing city in an innovative manner. Cloudbike focuses on quality and design, meaning we have not only chosen the best bicycles but also the most stylish ones!

How does it work?

Users can download the Cloudbike application from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and create a user account. Use the map to locate the nearest bike to you and walk towards the bike. Our bikes are easy to spot with their light blue frames, brown saddles and handle bars and cream tyres. Scan the QR code located on the frame of the bike or on the instruction panel to unlock your bike. If you need to make a quick stop you can pause your ride by pressing the pause button, press unlock to resume your ride. When you arrived at your destination you need to park your bike in a drop zone, they are highlighted in purple in the app. Press the end button in the app and pull the handle down manually to finish your ride. A popup will come up showing the date, km’s and time ridden and the cost of your ride. You will automatically receive the invoice via e-mail.

What do I need to use the bike sharing system?

In order to use our bikes all you need is  a smartphone with internet connection (3G/4G) and Bluetooth, and a valid credit card.

How do I register?

After downloading and opening the app you need to create a user account, insert your e-mail address and choose a password. A confirmation e-mail will be sent, click on the link to verify your account. After verification you can login with your credentials and start renting our bikes.

How do I find a Cloudbike?

Open your app and available bikes will show up on the map, Cloudbikes are identified by a blue, circular icon. Note that the icon represents the location of a bike within a 15m radius. Our bikes are easy to spot with their light blue frames, brown saddles and handle bars and cream tyres.

Where do I park?

Bikes can be parked in 1 of our 50 drop zones. After renting a bike they are visible on the map in a purple colour.

What is a drop zone?

A drop zone is a virtual zone where users can park our bikes. There are around 50 in total, in postal codes 2000, 2018 and 2060. After renting a bike they are visible on the map in a purple colour. We decided to work with drop zones in order to keep an organised system and make sure our bikes are always grouped together and easy to be found by our users.

How much does it cost?

You can pay per ride for a minimum of 0,50€ for the first 10 minutes, each additional minute costs 0,05€. You can purchase a 40 Minute Pass for 6€, which includes unlimited rentals of maximum 40 minutes per ride during 24 hours. The surcharge for exceeding this 40 minute period amounts 0,05€ per extra minute cycled. A 24 Hour Pass allows you to use the service or keep your bike for 24 hours at the price of 13€. Exceeding this 24 hour period results in a surcharge of 0,05€ per minute. The rental price for a 3 month subscription equals 20,00€ and includes unlimited rides of maximum 40 minutes per ride for the duration of 3 months. Exceeding this 40 minute period will also result in a surcharge of 0,05€ per minute.

How can I pay?

Go to payments in the app and add a credit card.

How do I unlock a bike?

Scan the unique QR code on the bike, the lock will open automatically.

Where can I find the QR code?

There are 2 QR codes, 1 on the frame and 1 on the instruction panel inside the basket.

Can I pause my ride?

Yes! Just press the pause button in the app and lock your bike, it will stay reserved until you unlock it again. You don’t have to be in a drop zone when pausing your ride. Note that you do keep paying whilst pausing.

I'm unable to scan the QR code on the bike?

Enter the number of the bike, located above the QR code, manually. Also report this issue via the app and so we can fix it.

How do I end my ride?

Make sure you are in a dro pzone, press end in the app and pull the handle down manually.

I’m unable to lock the bike?

If the lock makes contact with the spoke of the bike, it won’t be able to close. Make sure you pull the lever entirely down to end your ride. If  you have done these things and you’re still unable to lock it, contact us and we will end it manually.

Help! I think I paid too much?

Contact us so we can check it and organise a potential refund.

How long does a refund take?

Timing of a refund differs from bank to bank, but it should be in your account within 10 working days.

Help! I cannot locate a bike!

We cannot promise there will always be bikes in your vicinity but we are actively redistributing them on a daily basis in order to have good coverage.

My phone’s battery died whilst cycling, what now?

Contact us as soon as possible. Always try and charge your phone sufficiently.

I had an accident, what do I do?

In case of injuries or materialistic damage to a third party, local police should always be informed to draw up a report.


In case of any damage do the bike, please contact our customer service so we can proceed accordingly. Leave your bike in a drop zone and contact us as soon as possible.

The bike has been stolen, what now?

You report it as stolen to the local police and provide us with the report number of your file. When reporting you pass on the number of the stolen bike and give a short description of the facts. In case you cannot remember the bike number, please contact us so we can look into it. If you haven’t reported the theft within 24 hours, you will pay a flat fee of 200 euro’s.  After 48 hours the bike is considered stolen and the responsible user is charged 700 euro’s.

How can I contact Cloudbike?

You can contact us via the app, or send us an e-mail at info@cloudbike.be or call us on +32 3 205 59 58.

How do I report a faulty bike?

Go to support in the menu and report it directly via the app. You can also call us or send us an e-mail. We will fix the bike as soon as we can.