The smartest bikeshare in Antwerp

Now available via the new app: Cloudbike 2.0!


How does it work?

  • Download the app & top up your Wallet

    Visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download our Cloudbike 2.0 app. Register your user account. Go to the Settings and top up your Wallet using your credit card

  • Find a bike

    Press the closest Depot on the map to check how many bikes are available. Once at the location, our bikes are easy to spot with their light blue frames, brown saddles & cream tyres.

  • Scan the QR code

    Scan the QR code to select the bike and open the lock. You are now ready to go!

  • Pause your ride

    Want to pop into a shop and keep your bike? No problem! Press “close lock” and pull the lock handle down, resume your ride by unlocking again. You will be charged at the normal rate during your pause.

  • Park in any Depot

    Park in a Depot at your destination, you can use the navigator to get there. Press “close lock” in the app and push the handle down manually, don’t forget to press “return bike” in order to end your rental session!

Chose the price formula that fits your needs



minimum of 0,50€ for the first 10 minutes

3 month subscription (currently unavailable!)


Unlimited rentals of maximum 40 minutes per ride for a period of 3 months

> 40 minutes: +0,05€/minute

We currently don’t have subscriptions but they will be back very soon!

24 Hours


Top up your Wallet with 13 euro’s and you can keep your Cloudbike for an entire day, don’t forget to return your bike at a Depot when you are finished

> 24 hours: +0,05€/minute

Discover a new generation of bikesharing

Via your smartphone

Rent a bike in just a few easy steps, all you need is your smartphone.


We don’t have fixed stations but use Depots where you can park and rent our bikes. You can check them out via the app.

Awesome bikes

Our bikes have the highest quality you have ever seen from a bikeshare system, we ensure maximum comfort for our users. They are also just gorgeous.

Real-time tracking

Our bikes have an integrated GPS system and are tracked 24/7.

About us

Cloudbike was founded in 2017 by 2 young entrepreneurs, Jim Briels and Max Machtelinckx. These guys are not only business partners, but also comrades and ex-teammates at Royal Antwerp Hockey Club where they played in the first team together. They are both currently still active as semi-professional hockey players.

These Antwerp locals witnessed the launch and success of the city’s own bike sharing system, Vélo, first hand and soon became big fans. The quick success of Vélo led to a long waiting list for new subscribers and that’s when the idea came to mind to start a bike sharing system of their own in order to improve bicycle mobility in the city. They also had the idea of not having fixed stations, which would provide users with more flexibility. The concept developed further into a bikeshare system where bicycles can only be rented via a smartphone application.

.After more than a year of hard work and persistence, Cloudbike officially launched in January 2018.

Cloudbike brings bike sharing to the next level by providing stylish and high-quality bikes through an innovative platform.

Get in touch

Cloudbike BVBA

De Moystraat 16
2018 Antwerpen, België


+32 3 205 59 58
(7/7 – 24/24)