1. Download THE APP 

Download the Cloudbike 2.0 app and register your user account. Go to settings in the app and top up your wallet with a credit card.


Use the map to click on a depot and check the number of available bikes. Scan the QR code of the bike and unlock your ride. You can pause your bike anywhere, just close the lock.


End your rental session by returning your bike in one of the many virtual depots spread throughout the city. You can use the navigator in the app to get to your destination.


Pay per minute, per day or order a subscription.


0,05€ / minute

Minimum 0,50€ for the first 10 minutes


3 months: 20€ / 6 months: 40€ / 12 months: 72€

Free rides of maximum 40 minutes per ride

> 40 minutes: +0,05€ / minutes

Order via info@cloudbike.be



Keep your bike for 24 hours, including pausing. Make sure to return in a depot once you are finished.

E-bike sharing for your organisation.

A multi purpose sharing solution: first/last mile, business parks or large premises, hotels, food delivery and so much more.

We offer a unique, all inclusive solution: e-bike with digital lock and application or smart card, insurance, maintenance and road assistance – at a competitive monthly lease. 


– Open smart lock with smartphone app, smartphone or smart card.

– Reserve and pause your bike.

– Real-time asset management information.

– Easy integration with existing (MaaS) application.

All inclusive

– Fixed monthly lease for e-bike (with or without lock and load station), insurance, service, maintenance, road assistance, digital lock and software.

– No surprises, no fine print.


– Easily scalable.

– Flexible contract duration. 

– Multi purpose use for any distance, rider and organisation.

About us

Cloudbike launched Antwerp’s first smart bike sharing platform in January 2018 with a fleet of 300 bicycles. In the meanwhile the fleet has been expanded with 100 bicycles for the municipality of Boom. 

Local entrepreneurs Jim Briels and Max Machtelinckx saw potential in an additional bikeshare for the city by offering high quality bikes that are easily rented through a user friendly smartphone application. 

Cloudbike, ConnectBike and bike manufacturer Giant launched the alliance ConnectBike Belgium in January 2020. This alliance focuses on offering full service e-bike sharing systems for the B2B market in Belgium.

Contact us

E-mail Cloudbike: info@cloudbike.be

Phone number: +32 3 205 59 58

Office address: Amerikalei 164, 2000 Antwerp